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Creating Your Reality eBook - Introduction
by Anne Varnes

This book is about consciously creating your reality. We already unconsciously create our reality every single moment of the day. Your entire life is created solely by you. There is no right way or wrong way—just your way. How you want to live your life is up to you. I am not here to tell you what is best for you, but instead offer you tools, via information, so that you can create a life that you feel best reflects the inner you, which is an infinite being of love, abundance, and joy, desirous of experiencing itself, as God does, through creation. Our inner being is not miserable, poor, or limited; it is constantly reaching out to experience its true nature.

I had an epiphany while writing this book. I sometimes move things around in my house to “mix things up,” and last week I had moved this neat collectible haunted house piece to my coffee table in my living room from its previous location on the bookshelf. As I was walking around my home the next day, I looked into the living room and noticed the collectible house that I had just moved and took special (and pleasurable) notice of it. I then realized, “These things are always there, we just mix them up so we will notice them again.” Then I realized that this is what God does: all energy is always there, but it must be mixed up so we will notice it. Energy may change shape, visual properties, and textures, but it is always there. We stop noticing that which does not change or is not “mixed up,” so God, in Its infinitely clever manner, changes things for us so that we developing souls will take notice of these things. If things were not continually mixed up, we would take it all for granted. We would take love for granted if hate were not present to constantly show us how profound the love state is. We would bore of sunshine if it never rained, hence the phrase, “into every life a little rain must fall.”

Taking an alternate voyage is a way of mixing things up in your life. Every new way gives us contrast to the way we just walked. Every experience has value, beauty, and perfection in it even if we don’t understand it at the time. Have no fear in whatever way your manifestation takes you. There is no such thing as failure, only lessons and experiences. Seek to explore yourself and others, and embrace the beauty in all things, for Love is all there really is, and how can that be wrong?

What you take from this book depends on the state you’re in, and this will be different for every person, as everyone is at a different level of consciousness. Because of this, a true book of spiritual information can make no guarantees, as the human baseline in this situation is a complete unknown. One piece of information will pass though the layers of a being and no action will be taken, while that same piece of information will be absorbed by another being and miracles will occur. Within this book, like you, is the potential for monumental changes, realizations, and tools for manifestation. What those changes or gains mean—or if you even elect to adopt the philosophies contained within—will be singular to you.

I want to set no expectations, and I hope that you apply that to yourself as well. I do not promise that you will instantly manifest all that is to be had, walk on water, or ascend to a higher plane. What I can say is that while all of that is possible, what I hope for is that you may stop and see something uncanny in this book that relates to you and your life and open previously closed doors. I cannot say there is a “better” way, for every way is perfect and leads to the same destination, but there is always a new way. And for those who are ready (not better, only ready), they will take a more conscious grasp of their life instead of letting the unconscious mind do all the driving, resulting in an unprecedented level of creation and experience.

A true teacher only gives information and does not attach expectation, agenda, or judgment to it. My guides constantly give me information, but never with demands. The information is always given in a neutral manner, and sometimes I do nothing with it for a period of time. I will chew on it until it settles into my being, and then, when I am ready, and only then, will I incorporate it fully into my life.

I struggled with my decision to write this book. So many excellent books are out there that will possibly say what I am going to say, but every person resonates differently with someone else. Here within this book may be a voice that resonates with you. This is much like when we are seeking a mate. Two people may be presented to you that provide the very same thing on the surface, but one just has that certain feel that opens your heart. This book may be viewed as a “New Age” book because it talks of subtle planes and energies, but those planes and energies have been around since the beginning and there is nothing “new” about that age. What is new is our willingness to look at who and what we are and learn how to dance about in this energy in order to live a life nothing short of miraculous.

I quote both spiritual masters, Christ and the Buddha, in Alternate Voyages, but do so in a manner that is not asking anyone to take up any specific belief. Rather, I ask readers to embrace truth regardless of who it comes from. Many messengers of truth and enlightenment are present, and I stay open to them all, and hope you do too.

And so, let us continue the journey which we so long ago started….

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