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Crystal Consciousness

Crystals are among the most versatile and widely used of metaphysical accessories. Hardly an altar or staff can be found without a shiny, faceted representative of the Mineral Kingdom.

From Native American rituals to healing techniques of the Far East, stones and crystals are consistently relied upon to symbolize and commune with the spiritual realm. In modern pagan practice, they embody the element of Earth and are frequently used as the channeling tips of wands.

Stoneworking is one of the most ancient of arts, and many authors ascribe the legends of Atlantis to a nonmechanical, psychic technology based on harnessing the power of crystals. Telepathy, telekinesis, even a disabling “stun-ray” have been described by channels-all operating by magnifying the power of the mind through quartz devices.

These paranormal powers may have been part of everyday life on the Lost Continent, courtesy of highly tuned amplification equipment utilizing the special nature of quartz. Other writers have suggested that crystal power may be the secret behind the seemingly impossible construction of the Pyramids.

But why do crystals hold such fascination for us? Are they simply rocks, or is there a reality to these tales?

The Science of Silicon

Here’s what is known about silicon: it is the second most common element in the Earth’s crust, making up nearly a quarter of the planet’s surface. Having grown within the crevices and caves of the earth, crystals play a key role in the ceremonies of earth-centered spiritual practices.

Nearly all modern technology is based around the unique way that silicon transmits energy. From computer chips to solar panels, more and more devices are based on this indispensable property of the main constituent of quartz.

The Planetary Matrix

We tend to think of life in our own terms. Most individuals, whether scientific or religious in orientation, conceive of our own species as the pinnacle of creation. Other life is judged and accorded respect based chiefly on how similar we find it to be to our own kind. The less in common we have with a life form, the more primitive it is judged to be.

To this mindset, it is difficult to comprehend the notion of crystalline life. Nevertheless, even the most scientifically minded will have some trouble defining the point of departure. Biology defines life, essentially, as that which grows, reproduces, and reacts to its environment.

The web of life spreads far wider than we imagine, and may include many dimensions of beings, which only exist in what we think of as the mind. The Earth itself is considered by some to be a living being of such massive scale that we are but cells on Her skin.

Crystals may in fact be the means by which the Earth’s thoughts are transmitted, much like neurons in our own brain. Or they may be entities in their own right, experiencing a vastly different scale of time. Perhaps each crystal is in a state of permanent bliss, wanting nothing.

Perhaps eternity as a crystal is the Paradise so many of us hope for when we leave this realm.

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