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Crystals & Stones

As we know from physics everything in the universe is vibration including the Mineral Kingdom. Each crystal and gemstone has a unique vibratory frequency that we can use to help balance our energies. By placing the crystal over the blocked area, resonance will occur between the two. The two resonating patterns will bring the chakra (s) back into alignment. Because crystals are made of silicon dioxide and we too have that in our own bodies, energy transference can happen because of a resonance between the crystalline structures of our body and the crystal being used. Like energies attract like particles due to their electromagnetic field, so whatever we send out is amplified and returned to us. With this in mind, we can use the crystals and gemstones for "programming". That is, to send (or program) our thoughts into the crystal which amplifies the sympathetic resonance towards our goal. Crystals have also been used for meditation tools, talismans and amulets. Don't forget that crystals can help with your psychic ability too. I personally use the third eye crystal, which is amethyst, to help with my remote viewing skills. If you can't decide which one to use, quartz is considered the most well rounded and can be used for all purposes.

  • Salt Lamps

    A salt lamp is a lamp carved from a larger salt crystal, often colored, with an incandescent bulb or a candle inside. The lamps give an attractive glo...

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