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Choosing Crystals for Ritual

Creating sacred space is an ongoing process. The center of an individual's magical life is the altar, which gathers the energy of your intention throughout the seasons and years of your journey in this world.

The tools you select for ritual work will reflect the traditions and energies most natural to you. Traditional altars are arranged in accordance with the four elements or following the pattern of the pentacle.

Altars can be found indoors and out; abundant in groves, forests, and gardens, as well as bedrooms, basements, and closets. Each is a highly personalized expression of spirituality. Many include objects such as Rune stones, crystal wands and balls, pendulums, and specialty stones tuned to a particular purpose in alignment with their unique composition.

In many ways, crystals resemble living beings, and, in fact, many who work closely with them believe them to be alive. Crystals grow and sprout in the Earth, much like plants, causing some to regard them as part of the Mineral Kingdom. In any event, they have been utilized with reverence and awe since the ceremonies of the earliest shamans.

Instead of transforming the light of the Sun, however, mineral entities absorb and transmit the ethereal energies and emanations of the astral plane. This property makes a collection of specially attuned crystals an essential component of nearly every magical ritual.

Partners in Projection

Ritual has been used since primordial times to negotiate the curtain between worlds. Tribal people immersed in the elements sought to gain wisdom, guidance, and power from higher realms in order to survive and transcend a wild world.

Crystals help channel and amplify the power of intention, and retain the psychic energies of those who interact closely with them, not only in ritual, but all throughout their growth, charged with intention right from the moment they are harvested. For this reason, it is important to choose crystals selected for their ritual properties.

All of our magical accessories come to you invested with the knowledge that they will be used to cross the door between the worlds. Selected for their symmetry, clarity, and potential to channel, our crystal-based accessories are crafted to optimize the fusion of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Broadcasting Intention

Quartz crystals form in a fractal pattern of silicon, which is also used in radios, semiconductors, computer chips, and solar panels, due to the way materials made from this element conduct energy.

Signals carrying information and power flow naturally along the path set by Nature. The same principle applies to instruments of metaphysical transmissions as well.

The single-point quartz crystal is the most widely used general-purpose ritual aid, but stones such as opal, jasper and amethyst are also silicon-based. Of course, any stone or other sacred object can be filled with the aura of intention, but the properties of quartz are especially well suited to ritual needs.

For many practitioners, the composition of the stone is not as important as the color and shape, which help trigger the desired astral state. The most important quality is the capacity to tune the tool to your frequency, and broadcast your vibrations to the Cosmos.

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