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Divination: Rune Stones and Crystal Balls

Humans have always sought to gain hints of the future by studying the patterns made by objects. From reading at tea leaves and star patterns to crystal scrying and pendulum interpretation, seekers of higher understanding have employed a host of simple techniques to learn the unknown and interpret the messages of spirits.

The fortune-teller is one of the most familiar and misunderstood figures in mystical practice. Shunned as a fraud by detractors, followed uncritically by patrons, the modern art of divination is marred by a perception of frivolity.

Nevertheless, more and more independent practitioners are turning away from hucksters and instead finding astonishing sensitivity in themselves. Rather than depending on strangers for inner knowledge, the new movement is toward direct, private contact with guiding spirits in order to unleash the clairvoyant within.

The Secrets of Rune Stones

According to Norse legend, the runes were discovered by Odin, Father of the Gods, after hanging upside down from the Tree of Life for nine days. Such was the power of the sacred symbols that the mysteries of the Universe were unlocked.

In addition to being the original script for early Germanic languages, these symbols became the basis for a system of divination by chance, much like the I Ching of China or Tarot Cards. These glyphs were culled for cryptic clues, allowing gods and humans to chart the ebb and flow of the tides of fate.

The Runes would be drawn in groups of three, whenever guidance from the higher realm was required. Careful examination of the message the stones spelled out would affect crucial decisions about travel, new settlements, alliances and enmities.

These ancient tools are still serving millions, especially those interested in Celtic spirituality, who have rediscovered these magical signs from a higher realm. Casting runes is not merely a way to get clues about the future- the stones can help point seekers to a resolution of the central conflict of their lives.

Spherical Resonance

The crystal ball is probably the most widely known tool of divination. Far from merely being an attractive table ornament, a high-quality glass sphere can be a doorway to faraway realms.

The watery interior of the ball promotes projection into the astral plane, making it as much a tool of the modern remote viewer as the gypsy fortune-teller. Clairvoyance has gained some support from science as well; in fact, the military has run extensive experiments on this type of psychic potential for several decades.

Another simple instrument which responds to nonphysical forces is a pendulum. In addition to folk medicine uses such as determining the gender of a baby yet to be born, pendulums can guide a querent to the best of several options.

The explanation may come in the concept of nonlocality-an idea in quantum physics which helps explain the mysterious link between objects separated by a great distance. It turns out that scientists are finding evidence of a reality long familiar to mystics: all points of the Universe are linked together.

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