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Healing Stones & Crystals

Crystals and stones are one of the most powerful resources in the toolbox of the alternative healer. Used to align Chakras, unblock passageways, and provide material comfort during therapeutic massage, the use of mineral treatments is one of the hallmarks of New Age healing practices.

There is nothing new, however, about crystal healing; sacred stones have always played a role in folk medicine and tribal shamanism. Anyone who has experienced them used in Reiki knows the power of a well-attuned set of healing stones.

The potency of a crystal is largely a function of its physical characteristics: symmetry, clarity, and, of course, size. While these may seem to be superficial measures of a stone’s healing value, appearance is as good a guide as when selecting plants for food or herbs.

A large, perfect point is not merely more pleasing to look upon; it is vastly more effective in energy work as well. The “health” of a crystal indicates the strength of the life force bound up within it.

Just as human beings in good shape show a certain sparkle in their eyes, a vibrant crystal displays stunning visual properties that reflect its capacity to channel ethereal Light.

Aligning Chakras

Contrary to popular belief, the eight Chakras are not some hocus-pocus invention of the counterculture-they represent a startlingly insightful map of the body’s principal organs. Modern science has been able to support many of the associations found by yoga masters thousands of years ago.

The kundalini life force is at the center of yoga, whose principle aim is to unify the potential of the body, mind, and spirit. Energy work centers on finding and unblocking the obstacles to proper flow of kundalini between the systems of the body.

This force, whether called prana, chi, or simply “spirit,” is at the core of mental and physical health. By addressing resistance in the flow of energy, vital balance can be restored.

While a single powerful crystal can be beneficial for quick tasks such as clearing the third eye or attaining center, some issues require more in-depth work. Some healers conduct long-term treatments involving several dozen specialized stones placed strategically at each point of the body.

Worry Stones and Stones for Massage

A more down-to-earth application of minerals occurs in bodywork. For this purpose, smooth, rounded stones are preferred. Shapes such as eggs and spheres roll comfortably across sore muscles and stretch out knots.

Anxiety is at the root of many afflictions of body and spirit. When there isn’t time for a session of Reiki or guided meditation, worry stones are an excellent way to ground and center in the midst of daily crises.

Tumbled from Rose Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst, and other minerals with calming properties, worry stones are a discreet way to bring sacred space into the material world we all must face.

Inscribed with symbols of Nature and Goddess, these stones can serve as icons of spirituality to remind us of the magic which sustains us.

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