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Meditation and Mood Crystals

Meditation is the process of aligning the inner self to the vibrations of the ethereal realm. As with any skill, it may be difficult at first to quiet the mind and tune out distractions that keep us from reaching inner peace.

The world’s most advanced meditation techniques hail from the Far East, but inducing trance state is key to indigenous shamanic traditions as well. Regardless of what style you choose or how you define your own methods, the goal is transcendence. 

Whether beginner or expert, an environment conducive to heightened sensitivity is critical to any serious quest for enlightenment. A wide variety of mineral influences have been found to contribute to a suitable space in which to engage in exercises of the mind and spirit.

The Third Eye

Yoga masters teach that awakening awareness of the inner world begins by opening the unseen third eye. Often shown on the forehead in triangular relation to the material eyes, this ancient wisdom has proven to rest on a solid scientific foundation as well.

The “Third Eye” may have originally been a reference to the pineal gland, which secretes important hormones related to altered states of consciousness. Active during dreaming as well as spiritual exercises, the pineal gland might be the physical  “door of perception” leading the world of dreams and the metaphysical realm.

Applying a quartz or amethyst crystal directly to the ridge between the eyebrows can bring on fantastic results. This is best performed in reclining position where all muscles can be allowed to go slack.

Clear your thoughts, allow the mind to empty, and you ought to find yourself treated to a graphic panorama of morphing images, an interior movie emerging from the unconscious mind.

Observe these symbols and archetypes without considering them; meditation is not an analytic activity. Rather, trust in the unity between the rational mind and the higher Self to put this knowledge to emphatic use when the proper moment arrives.

Feng Shui Stones: Metaphysical Environmentalism

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese science and art of interior design. As mundane as this might seem, conscious placement of items within a room can have a dramatic impact on the way energy moves within it. The improvement can actually be felt.

Because of this, Feng Shui has caught on in modern Western culture, becoming literally a household term. As helpful as the principles of arrangement can be throughout the home or office, the flow of energy within the meditation space can have a profound impact on the success of the endeavor.

There are many books which explore the fine points involved in establishing a congenial space, but a great deal can be achieved using intuition. One simple measure that can enhance the astral atmosphere in a room is the use of a Feng Shui stone set.

Complete with an assortment of specialized mineral tools for balance, these stone sets include everything you need to combine the power of crystals with the ancient Chinese secrets of managing the mood of an environment.

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