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Dune ring gold

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That which submits rules

The Dune ring is inspired from the book Dune, authored by Frank Herbert.

The meaning of the Hebrew engraving on the ring is: "That which submits rules" - A line taken from the book. This short sentence holds a secret to true human enlightenment.

The hawk that appears in the center of the Dune ring is the symbol of the house of Atreides from whom the "Qwitzat Haderach" is derived. The hawk represents the higher self who sees the entire big picture and symbolizes the understanding of the "cosmic thought".

The green emerald stones on the blackened Dune ring's surface, symbolizes the black and green flag of the house of Atreides. The green emerald also symbolizes the heart's center and compassion.

The Arabic writing on the Dune ring is a variation of the Arabic nickname of Paul Atreides "Lisan il Gayeb" meaning "The language of the one who came".

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