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World Music From Australia & New Zealand

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    The album is their first since 1996's Spiritchaser. The band, who embark on a world tour in August, have confirmed a show at the Royal Albert Hall on ...


  • The Serpent's Egg (Remastered)

    The Serpent's Egg (Remastered)

    Their fourth album, originally released in 1988. At the time of its release, Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard were in Spain writing and recording music ...


  • Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun (Remastered)

    Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun (Remastered)

    Their third album, originally released in 1987. With record sales worldwide increasing, the band was reaching a wider audience than ever before.


  • Spleen And Ideal (Remastered)

    Spleen And Ideal (Remastered)

    The primarily experimental structure of their second album, released in 1986, dispelled any notion that the band deserved the post-Gothic label slappe...


  • Didgeridoo Dreaming: Aboriginal Spiritual Music

    Didgeridoo Dreaming: Aboriginal Spiritual Music

    An excellent introduction to the haunting music of the Aboriginal Australians.


  • Transcendental Highway

    Transcendental Highway

    Colin Hay first landed on American shores as the frontman and principal songwriter of the pop sensation Men at Work. With Hay's wry songs and burnishe...


  • Didgeridoo Groove

    Didgeridoo Groove

    Ethno-trance World-beat - From smooth jazz to funky jungle, from the vast Australian outback to the smoldering cyber-clubs of Bombay. Trip-out with th...


  • Spiritchaser (Remastered)

    Spiritchaser (Remastered)

    Their seventh studio album was released in 1996, and focused on the more percussive, tribal side of the group's music. It was their first studio album...


  • Aion (Remastered)

    Aion (Remastered)

    This 1990 release contains twelve songs written and produced by Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard, predominantly recorded in their own studio in southern...


  • A Lump of Coal