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World Music From India & Pakistan

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  • Grace


    Of the album, Snatam says, """"This timeless, sacred energy comes to us by Grace. It is not about you or me, it is about Grace. And so, with this albu...


  • Putumayo Presents: India

    Putumayo Presents: India

    A captivating musical masala of mesmerizing vocals and gentle beats. Features A.R. Rahman, Oscar-winning composer of the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrac...


  • Putumayo Presents: Asian Lounge

    Putumayo Presents: Asian Lounge

    Travel from London to Bombay, Bali to Tokyo with this compilation of innovative Asian fusions, the sixth in Putumayo's successful Lounge series. More ...


  • Door of Faith

    Door of Faith

    Door of Faith was produced by the legendary Rick Rubin, known not only for his seminal rap and rock recordings, but also for his recent definitive wor...


  • Making Music

    Making Music

    This re-issue is now available through Universal classic.


  • Music Card :Sufiaana (150 SUFI SONGS) (320 kbps MP3 Audio) (USB MEMORY STICK)


  • Siddharta: Spirit of Buddha Bar

    Siddharta: Spirit of Buddha Bar

    Ravin, the celebrated French DJ responsible for the highly acclaimed "Buddha Bar III", presents a sexy new compilation that enchants and inspires. Fea...


  • The Best of Bollywood

    The Best of Bollywood

    No Description Available.Genre: Soundtracks & ScoresMedia Format: Compact DiskRating: Release Date: 6-MAY-2003


  • Remember Shakti: The Believer


  • The Raga Guide: Survey of 74 Hindustani Ragas

    The Raga Guide: Survey of 74 Hindustani Ragas

    "This text is an introduction to Hindustani ragas, the melodic basis for the classical music of northern India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. It is...