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Oracle Cards

Oracle card decks claim to provide insight and positive outlooks to people. They are conceptually similar to divinatory tarot cards, but they are often not divided into playing card suits. They often lack what is often seen as the "darker" images of traditional tarot cards. Unlike the Tarot, oracle cards are not known to be used for card games. Oracle decks often differ in the number of cards. Common themes used in oracle card decks involve the power of positive thought and metaphysical beings such as angels, fairies, mermaids and unicorns. These cards are sometimes called "fortune telling packs". More »

These spiritual deck cards bring wisdom into your life. We offer witching, fairies, karma, I-Ching and many other mystical cards to help bring guidance and clarity to your readings. We also offer greeting and post cards depicting enchanting images of fairies, angels, Native American themes and other soulful subjects.