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Incense has been used throughout the centuries for meditation, relaxation, scenting the air, religious ceremonies and magic. There are few cultures and religions that have not used this aromatic organic material. If you're looking to materialize something in your life through the use of incenses, here is a standard chart of what some common fragrances attract: Here is a list of what is associated with various materials which can be contained within incense. Bay - healing, protection & purification Cedar - money, purification, protection & healing Cinnamon - love, money, healing Clove - exorcism, purification, money, protection & love Juniper - exorcism, healing, protection & love Pine - money, exorcism, purification Rosemary - restores sleep, intellect, protection, purification, exorcism & healing Sage - spirituality & health Sandalwood - (Keep lots on hand!) excellent for consecrating, protection, exorcism Thyme - health, purification

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